Creating design that speaks to fostering positive change that endorses transformation through design communication.

We started in 2010 as an independent design consultancy run by multidisciplinary partners. Our team come from different but yet complementary backgrounds: design, communication, research, writing, and programming. Together, we develop ActivDesign as a laboratory to mix our thoughts and compassion over good causes to foster positive change through strategic design.

We are proud to make our clients happy with our recipe to create bespoke design solutions. Our core strengths lay in the creation of visual identity unified with a strong and bold visual language through campaign, art direction, graphic design, and digital development as showcased in our portfolio.

ActivDesign is based in a compact studio in Jakarta with partners working virtually from elsewhere. We are small in size but are definitely large in ideas, passion, and dedication to work with you – the authentic, the specialist, and the sophisticated clients.