We started in 2010 as an independent design consultancy run by multidisciplinary partners. Our team come from different but yet complementary backgrounds: design, communication, research, writing, and programming.
Together, we develop Activ Design as a laboratory to mix our thoughts and compassion over good causes to foster positive change through strategic design. 
We collaborate with clients from small to large enterprises, with ideas spreading from hospitality business to non-profit sector, and with projects from single publishing design to a complete branding package.
Activ offer more than design: consultation, concept and implementation are the building blocks of our services. 
We provide end-to-end services for CI processes and strategies, from analysis, concept and design to final planning. So we take care of individual modules, for an example of a single poster or catalog. 
We can offer an interdisciplinary combination of various media such as print, space and screen for three-dimensional communication.